There's not much "good news" that comes from a shooting, but it's important to find the positive in a negative situation.

70 people were involved in a fight at Carman-Ainsworth High School on Friday night, with a 15-year-old being shot. He is still in the hospital.

The fight broke out during a basketball game - it was a skills competition that showcased some of Flint's best players. Powers Catholic High School coach Greg Burks managed to keep a clear head during the incident, and made an effort to tell his players to stay inside so that they wouldn't become part of the melee outside.

Burks has a close relationship with his players; he told ABC 12 news that he's been around a lot of them for basketball camps and at the YMCA and has their phone numbers. So obviously, he felt the need to step up and stay calm in a tense moment.

Thank you, Mr. Burks, for being of what makes Flint GREAT. For every person like the shooter, there are MORE like YOU.

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