A Westland business owner placed the mini flags out in honor of Memorial Day, but they didn't last long.

73-year-old Ken Dabelstein owns Ken's Country Produce in Westland, just west of Detroit. And, every Memorial Day weekend, he plants 24 American flags in the ground to honor the fallen.

On Thursday afternoon, a woman who claimed she was with the city pulled up and removed all of the flags.

"She pulled the flags out and wouldn't give me her card," Dabelstein told Fox 2. "She pulled the flags out, customers tried to grab them out of her hand. She wouldn't give it to them. She took the flags and literally threw them in the back of her truck."

The city claims that it's "signage."

Mayor of Westland William R. Wild saw the Facebook post and called it a "misunderstanding."

Is this really the biggest problem they've got in Westland right now? C'mon.