Protesters fighting for higher pay and better working conditions swarmed the McDonald's restaurant on Dort Highway in Flint yesterday (8/9) as part of a nationwide 'Fight for 15' protest.

The Rev. W. J. Rideout III who organized the local protest tells WJRT that fast food workers need a $15 minimum wage and union benefits.

"These poor souls in the fast food industry can't afford to pay-- and it's not enough money and they need to come to the table to make changes."

Organizers say more Flint-area protests are planned for the upcoming weeks.

I'm certainly aware that there is not an abundance of good-paying jobs available for everyone who needs employment. But is a $15 per hour rate of pay for fast food workers really the answer?

I have a son -- a college student -- who works at McDonald's. There's no question he works hard and earns every penny of the $9 or $10 per hour he makes. But $15? Aren't fast food (and other entry-level positions) geared toward teens and students, not those looking to support a family?

And maybe my view is myopic -- I've never been in a position where my only option was a minimum-wage job, so I don't have the perspective of those who may be in that position. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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