We are pleased to report that Remington Ostwald is happy and healthy. The newborn baby boy was born less than two weeks ago to a mom who tested positive for COVID-19.

His mom, Colleen Ostwald of Fenton, shared her story with WDIV in the video below.

Ostwald tested positive for the disease in her last trimester before Remington was born.

“It gets to the point where you can’t breathe,” Ostwald said. "Then I was having uncontrollable shaking because I was freezing. This little tough guy kept kicking and moving the whole time, which gave me comfort. I knew he was okay.”

Doctors told Ostwald she would not be able to hold her baby immediately after he was born. She successfully fought that order and was able to hold her son while wearing a facemask.

She tells WDIV that her son has not contracted COVID-19.

“He’s just perfect," Ostwald said. “Everything about him.”

Congratulations. We're glad you're both doing well.

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