Baby steps.  New FBI Crime statistics no longer list Flint as the Most Violent City in America.  But we're still among the league leaders.  Camden, New Jersey is now the most violent city for those with at least 50 thousand in population.  Flint is in second place.  Michigan cities claim 3 of the top 5, with Saginaw and Detroit joining the mayhem party.

Flint was down a little in the category of murder/negligent homicide, falling behind Camden, NJ and New Orleans.  Flint was third and followed by Detroit and Gary, Indiana.

Flint still holds the Most Violent City title among cities over 100,000 in population according to the FBI.  Homicides already outpace last year's total in Flint, with over two months remaining.

The City of Flint recently re-opened it's lockup, and added State Police troopers have been assigned to patrol the streets.

There is still much to do to reduce the amount of crime in our area.  Despite a shortage of police manpower, the best thing to help fight crime is to be vigilant and report criminal activity when you see it.

It won't go away right away.  But improvement is improvement.  Baby steps.  In the right direction.