Miles Harrison's son died in a hot car 11 years ago. Now the father who left his son in the backseat is petitioning Congress to pass a bill that would require vehicles to be equipped with a backseat passenger warning system.

Chase was newly-adopted from Russia. Miles and Carol Harrison had just returned from a trip when Miles was charged with dropping the boy off at daycare. He was not yet used to the new routine that comes with fatherhood and drove straight to work. Hours later, a coworker alerted him to the fact that his son was in the car.

"When my colleague came up to the door of my office and said: 'Hey, do you have a doll in your car?' Initially, it didn't click, and then there was that moment. 'Oh my God.' I remember seeing him through the window, and I opened the door and I was uncontrollable. I was walking around, 'Oh God, Oh God, Oh God,'" Harrison said.

Today, Harrison says he can't forgive himself. He's pushing lawmakers to enact the 'Hot Cars Act' which would require all new cars to equipped with a warning system that would detect if a child had been left in, or had sneaked into the backseat.

He tells WJLA that he is haunted by 'What-ifs' knowing that his efforts may help other families but will never fix the loss his family has already endured.

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