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A father and daughter team from Michigan just finished an epic road trip. The pair rode their high-wheel bikes from Michigan to Florida.

You know, those old-fashioned, bikes with the huge front wheel?

Fandy and Amy Oleynik started their journey in Sault Ste. Marie on October 9. They concluded the 2,000-mile trip, landing in Key West, Florida on Saturday (11/14).

This isn't the first time the team has tackled a cross-country journey on their bikes.

“It’s our second ride,” Randy tells CBS 4 in Miami. “We rode from San Francisco to Boston in 2016, and after that we decided we should do the north-to-south to complete basically the ‘holy grail’ of high-wheel biking across the country.”

The 61-year-old pharmacist from Carleton says they always get a lot of love from drivers along the way.

“When people see us going by, number one they smile, so it’s a great reaction,” he said. “They wave, they yell, they beep their horns, they swerve, they’ll stop their cars in the middle of the road.”

The pair rode about 60 miles each day, accompanied by Randy's wife and Amy's mother who followed along in a van for support.

Amy tells the TV station she hopes their journey will inspire others to seek out their own adventures.

“What we want this ride to tell people is, number one, get outside,” she said. “Get out there — you’re definitely never too old to learn how to ride a bicycle.”

(OMG, we've driven to Florida in a motor vehicle -- and it took forever. Can you imagine doing it on one of those old-timey bikes?)


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