Lynsey Mukomel celebrated International Women's Day yesterday by addressing the trolls that have fat-shamed her online and subsequently putting them in their place.

In a Facebook video (below) posted yesterday, the WOOD-TV anchor read some of the anonymous comments that have been made about her in online message boards:

"Get Lynsey Mukomel a chair with casters so she can push herself away from the buffet. She's pretty, but needs to lose some poundage."


“Lynsey Mukomel is really attractive, but she would be a knockout if she lost 10 pounds. Not body-shaming here. Please consider jogging with some of your colleagues.”

Mukomel's response was prophetic and articulate:

"Hate to break it to you, sir, but that's exactly what body shaming is. Maybe Google it instead of posting anonymously about women you don't know?"

She went on to call out other trolls who hide anonymously behind keyboards.

"And I realize that when you work in TV  news, you open yourself up to criticism when it comes to your physical appearance. However, I don't really know when that became a justification for just accepting that as being OK because there are more productive ways to spend our time than making anonymous comments."

And here's my favorite quote from Mukomel's video:

"I did not become a journalist to be told I'm pretty, I'm a journalist because I think it's important to hold people accountable, to get to the truth, and to keep people informed. So, when I see that people are spending time discussing not only me but other women who work women in this industry, it's pretty sad, and you know what, it's time to call it out. That's what I'm doing to celebrate International Women's Day."

Good for you, Lynsey. Ignore the trolls, and if I'm any judge of talent, we'll see you on '20/20' someday.

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