A Michigan family spent the entire Memorial Day weekend searching for a man who disappeared Friday (5/26) morning. Douglas Smith left for work around 7:30 am, but never arrived at his job.

Smith's brother Michael notes on Facebook that Douglas phoned his supervisor around 7:45 am to say that something had come up. His cellphones have since been turned off, and no withdrawals from his bank accounts have been reported.

Smith notes that his brother has been dealing with "life's normal stresses," but is unsure if that is the cause of his disappearance.

This is completely out of character for him and he has never done anything like this before. He is a good man. Our whole family and all his friends are trying to find him.

Douglas Smith was last seen driving a red 2004 Ford F-150 truck with license plate number DCX 6962. Smith is 45 years old, and has brown hair and blue eyes. He's 5' 10" and weighs approximately 245 pounds.

If you have any information, you're asked to call the Oakland County Sheriff's office at 248.858.4950.




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