Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

Jeannie Wilcox and her family were out on Lake Michigan last Friday, taking their boat from Grand Haven to Frankfort which is about a 12-hour trip.
Jeannie told WOOD-TV8 that they were about eight hours into their trip when she saw something in red the water - it was a dog, furiously paddling for its life about four miles offshore.

They were able to pull their boat up to her and bring her on deck. They dried her off and said that she was very well behaved and didn't fight back; she was clearly exhausted from her ordeal.

The dog joined them on their boat for another four hours until they got to shore, where they took her to be scanned for a microchip. Luckily, she had one and they were able to locate her humans.

And here's the adorable reunion:

UPDATE❣️ owners are located and we should be hearing from them soon. They are on a sailboat. Thank goodness for microchipping!!

Look what we just caught in the middle of Lake Michigan 6 miles North of big points Sable and 4 miles off shore. We have contacted her vet in Belmont but we don’t have a name for the dog. We think she came off of a boat that stayed in Manistee last night if anybody has information. We are headed to Frankford and will take care of her until we find her owners.

Now THAT is incredible. Thank goodness they were there!

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