"Bring Our Boys Home" was the rallying cry for the protestors from Clio this week in front of the Genesee County Jail.

Family members of the teens accused of throwing rocks from an overpass in Clio back in 2017 were protesting to have their children released from custody. Kenneth White was killed when a rock struck the car he was driving in on I-75. Four of the five people accused of throwing the rocks are in jail awaiting a decision from the Michigan Court of Appeals.

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The fifth member of the rock throwing group is Kyle Anger, and he was released on parole after being convicted of the crime. He is the oldest of the group at 21 years old, and was charged as an adult.

The age of the other boys is what is at the center of the protest by the families. The four other boys are Trevor Gray, Alexzander Miller, Mark Sekelsky, and Mikadyn Payne. They put in a plea deal with the prosecutor to plead guilty to felony manslaughter in exchange for being charged as juveniles. That plea was submitted, but ultimately rejected by the judge. The prosecutor then asked for the charges to be dropped, so he could recharge them as juveniles.

The case now sits with the Michigan Court of Appeals, and the four defendants are in jail while they wait. The families of the four boys think that they should be allowed to come home while they wait, but that has not been allowed yet.

The parents have said that they will continue to protest until they can get a solid answer.


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