Please, PLEASE do some research before sharing. It doesn't take that much time.

Yesterday, the Macomb County morgue was swamped with phone calls about a story that had gone viral - it indicated that an employee named Henri Paul Johnson was cremated, by accident, while he was taking a nap.

The site that published the story presents itself as an affiliate of ABC News. Usually, fake news sites look pretty suspicious, but we must admit, this one was pretty convincing - it had names, an ABC News URL, etc.

However, a quick Google search proves that this story is not only fake but has circulated in different cities throughout the US for the last few years.

The Macomb County medical examiner says that they don't cremate people at the said location, and that the story is 100% untrue.

So, before you click "share," do a bit of research. It only takes a few clicks.

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