A man who had been running an illegal dental practice out of his basement is accused of killing one of his patients.

Zayed Albodour was conducting dentistry work out of his home near Michigan Avenue in Dearborn. He had applied to become a licensed dentist in Minnesota but was rejected. He moved to the small home in Dearborn where he allegedly opened an illegal dental clinic in his basement.

Man Shot to Death by His So-Called Dentist

Ahmad Nesserdine was one of Albodour's patients. His family tells Detroit's WDIV-TV that he had gone to the phony dentist in order to save money on a root canal and veneries. After the procedures, Nesserdine complained of constant pain.

The dentist told Nesserdine to come to his at-home dentistry office at midnight Thursday (7/6) where he allegedly shot and killed the 28-year-old.

The victim's sister theorizes that her brother threatened to expose the 52-year-old for running an illegal dental practice in his home.

“I think my brother told him that if you’re not going to fix my teeth or give me medicine, then I’m going to tell about your illegal clinic,” his sister said.


Dentist Facing Multiple Charges

Zayed Albodour has since been charged with one count of first-degree murder, and one count of felony firearm. Reports indicate that he is being held without bond and scheduled to appear before a judge on July 18.


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