This may not fix the problem, but it's a start.

Obviously, when your distant uncle who wears a tin foil hat starts sharing bizarre articles and blog posts on Facebook, you just kind of sigh and move on. Unfortunately, others may share those posts, and that's where fake news spreads.

And sometimes, the sites are easy to spot. But sometimes, they're not. Would you believe that sites called The Seattle Tribune and are FAKE? At a glance, they sound reputable...but they're not. So, starting in December, Facebook is going to try to combat the sharing of "fake news."

Now, to be fair, it's not necessarily "fake." But, it will be flagged as "disputed," and it will then show who is disputing it.

Basically, Facebook doesn't want to be the source of misinformation being spread. If you want to dispute something you see on Facebook as fake news, the option will be available in the upper right hand corner.

They will then be sent to third-party fact checkers. My question is, what if somebody just doesn't like the information in the post, even if it's from a reputable source? Can they still flag it?

Either way, I applaud Facebook for doing something about this very real problem.

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