Some, candy for thought before everybody ventures out this evening.

The post was shared on the Budget101 Facebook page, and I thought it was important to share because I can totally relate.

I took my younger sister and my cousin trick-or-treating in Milwaukee when I was 13. I was super proud of my costume, because I had made it myself: it was an old, grey t-shirt with holes and blood on it, and a snake coming out of one of the holes. I was so excited to wear it out because it was the first "scary" costume I had ever made.

We got to the house of an older gentleman, and he opened the door and said, "Aren't you a little old to be out here? Trick-or-treat is for little kids." And he shut the door. I'm tall for my age, and so were my sister and cousin. But I'll never forget this old curmudgeon. I could still tell you which house was his, and that was 22 years ago.

As long as the kids are wearing a costume and not causing any problems, who cares? Give 'em candy!

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