If you've been battling the demons and feel you need an exorcism to rid yourself of them, then you should know of a special exorcism hotline that the Catholic diocese of Milan has created. The hotline professes to quickly send a priest to you for the exorcism.

Apparently the number of complaints about demonic possession have sen a sharp increase in the past decade. Chief exorcist, Monsignor Angelo Mascheroni says, "From the number of calls we receive, the need has doubled. We get young and old, men and women, people with different levels of education, from school-leavers to graduates."

There is now a phone number to call so that you can make an appointment with a priest to discuss your demonic presence. To assist with the overload, the diocese has increased the number of exorcism-trained priests available for consultation. If successful, there may be a growth of these hotlines put in place.


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