I was just enjoying some Internet reading when I stumbled upon and Etsy link. So I thought I would take a look around, who knows I could find something cool. To my surprise I found some creepy mannequin heads modeling items. Take a look after the jump.

Now I am not saying Etsy doesn't have cool stuff, these just caught me way off guard.

Alien Headwear - 'Take me to you fabulous leader'
Fabulous Alien Headwear
80s Ear to Nose - 'Let me tell you your fortune,' says the hip gypsy.
Gypsy Nose Ring
What an ugly baby! - 'I'm a Lilly Pad Kid'
Lilly Pad Kid
Fake or Real - 'I think I just saw that mannequin move! Ah! It's a person!'
Real or Mannequin
Lumber Jane - 'Yes, I would like a little off the top, and mutten chops.'
Mutten Chops Mannequin
So Sad - 'I'm very upset you left me for last.'
Sad Mannequin

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