Just before the end of this past school year, my son asked if I would go with him on a class field trip to Crossroads Village.  Because I haven't been there since I was a kid, I said yes without hesitation!

Ben, his friend Alex, and their entire class were able to spend the morning touring the Crossroads campus in small groups.  We say a magic show, enjoyed the rides, snacked on roasted almonds, fed farm animals, and explored the various vintage houses, buildings and shops.

Then we had an era-appropriate cold lunch before the kids spent the afternoon at Stanley School experiencing a late-1800s school day.  They had a lesson in arithmetic in the school house that was built in 1883, then learned a fun game that is at least a century old during recess.

There are so many cool places to visit in the greater Flint area, and Crossroads Village is definitely one of them.  What are some other great places in Mid-Michigan for a day out with the family?