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Krystal Jo's Diner will be getting a new name along with a new owner. The popular Flint eatery on Fenton Rd. is being sold to Aaron Sajdak.

You're probably familiar with Tony Tucker. He's owned the diner for the last 13 years and is the man behind numerous bike giveaways over the years. Tucker collects used bikes, fixes them up, and gives them away to needy kids in the Flint area. Over the years, about 6,000 have gotten bikes thanks to his generosity.

Tucker's last bike giveaways took place in June.

As the pandemic hit earlier this year, Tucker was forced to close the restaurant and start the next chapter of his life. Tucker became the Executive Director of the Old Newsboys of Flint after longtime director Chris Hamilton passed away in March.

Tucker tells Mlive that selling the diner was a tough decision.

“I never thought I would ever sell it, but I got the opportunity to basically do a dream job, with everything going on with COVID, I took the job,” Tucker said.

New owner Aaron Sajdak he's had his eye on Krystal Jo's for a couple of years and jumped at the opportunity when he had a chance to buy the establishment.

“I’ve cooked for family outings and things like that,” Sajdak tells Mlive. “I’ve worked for a catering company before but not really on this level.”

Sajdak has tentatively chosen 'Flint Cafe' as the new name for the restaurant but says it's not yet a done deal.



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