His fellow employees didn't want to see him riding his bike in the winter, so they did something extra special for him.

Noah Robinson works in the shipping department at Glastender Inc. in Saginaw, which is a family-owned business that makes restaurant equipment. He's been working there since earlier this year, and has been on his own because of an unstable home life. He's been riding his bike 6 miles to work each day.

With winter on the way, his coworkers didn't want to see him out in the cold, so they all chipped in to buy him a car. The owner of the company even paid for his insurance and took him to get his driving test.

Noah says that he plans to go to college and continue working at Glastender as a welder.

LOVE THIS. Not a lot of loyalty at companies nowadays; this is a GREAT way to show somebody that you care. If I had a restaurant, I'd get my equipment from them. ;)

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