Last year, Kathleen Edward and her grandmother Rebecca Rose gained national attention, when neighbors Scott and Jennifer Petkov taunted the terminally-ill girl on Facebook.  Her grandmother told Trenton police the the abuse is continuing. 

Kathleen, and her later mother Laura Edward, were both diagnosed with Huntington's Disease.  Laura lost her battle with the disease two years ago.  For additional background information and details, the video of Fox 2's original story is below.

Rebecca Rose told Trenton police that she and her granddaughter are still being targeted, and filed a formal complaint.  Rose told the Trenton Patch, the harassment is coming from Facebook posts, attributed to a handle that appears to be associated with her former neighbor Jennifer Petkov.  The Facebook documents obtained by Trenton police contained the following:

“Detroit St. Party, When that kid dies, cause boys and girls it’s to happen.”

“Dead and gone, only a few more hours till party time, I’m going to visit a grave and take a piss.”

Protection orders are in place, prohibiting the former neighbors from making contact, or having communication with Mrs. Rose and her granddaughter.  Rose told the Patch she believes Jennifer Petkov started her negative behavior over an unanswered text invitation to a birthday party.

Trenton police report that the investigation into this latest round of abuse, is continuing.

According to the DailyKos, Kathleen Edward's family has requested that no further monetary donations be made directly to them, but encourage supporters to donate to the Michigan chapter of the Huntington's Disease Society of America.

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