We're not condoning this. Honest. So please don't interpret our laughter at this story as an endorsement to drive backward any more than just a few feet out of your driveway.

A driver in Ohio was spotted driving his white SUV backward on a busy interstate and surface streets early Tuesday (6/5) morning in rush hour traffic. The surveillance footage was captured and posted by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

By the way, the comments on ODOT's Facebook page are hilarious.

The driver is seen navigating at least two traffic lights and traveling an estimated 1.2 miles before parking in a Kroger parking lot.

Officials with ODOT say they were watching the area because of heavy traffic patterns when they noticed the car going backward. They suspect the car's transmission went out, and the driver had no other choice but to drive backward.

ODOT says they are thankful that no one was hurt and urge anyone with car troubles to call for assistance rather than driving in reverse.

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