During the 36 year span that I have walked the Earth, any and every time I've seen someone hit their thumb with a hammer, I cringe and think to myself, "My God!! That's really gotta hurt!!!" After what I did last night, I have to look on the only bright side I could find as I thought, "At least I was right!"

My friend Rick and I were building a support structure for a home-made water slide I designed. Instead of using a drill and screws like we had on everything else, I made the brilliant decision to use nails to hold some brackets into place. As I hammered and hammered, I got frustrated because the wood was so hard that it was difficult for the nail to penetrate.

I took a really good swing and BAM!!! I smashed my thumb with the hammer and for a second all I could see were stars. Rick asked if I was alright, and while gritting my teeth I said as calmly as possible, "Yeah, sure. I'm fine."

Blood spewing everywhere, I put my hand in the pool to rinse it off yet it looked like I was unloading a gallon of food coloring into the water. Rick raced to the house to get some bandages from my wife, and I had to sit down right there. I got dizzy and eventually threw up. He said I was in shock, and I told him that I wasn't shocked. I knew when I hit my thumb it was going to hurt!

I posted a picture of my damaged appendage on Facebook last night, and one of my friends said I should drill a hole in my thumbnail to relieve the pressure. I thought he was mad! Who would actually do that? According to one of my co-workers, a lot of people.

We talked about bizarre home remedies a good while back, so let's keep it going! Tell us your strange remedies in the comments section below. I don't know about drilling a hole in my thumb, but I am definitely intrigued!


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