If you're baking up a storm right now (and even if you're not), you need to make these while you're quarantined.

One of my first memories of traveling as a kid was arriving at the DoubleTree hotel in Fort Lauderdale with my family after a storm had passed through and the city was without power. My mom's first question to the front desk guy was, "Do you have any cookies left?"

COOKIES? She's asking for cookies during a power outage??

Sure enough, the employee handed us a few brown packages full of chocolate chip cookies. We went to the pool and sat in the dark and I tried these magical cookies for the first time...and never looked back.

DoubleTree cookies are incredible. But how, HOW do they make them to be so incredible and melt-in-your-mouth yummy? What's the secret spice? There were tons of copycat recipes available online but nobody could recreate it exactly...until now.

Here it is, ladies and germs. The secret seems to be a pinch of cinnamon and...wait for it...lemon juice. Full disclosure: I didn't have any oats, so that's the only thing that my cookies (see pic above) are missing.


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