The threat of terrorism seems very likely and our warships are nearby and ready to intervene, but here's the picture of what people are really upset about in regards to the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Some sort of disaster seems almost unavoidable during the Winter Olympics in the Russian city of Sochi. Threats of attacks from various militant groups continue to escalate and the U.S. House and Senate Intelligence agencies both say that they are concerned about security during the events. There are also reports of a man hunt underway for as many four "Black Widow" suicide bombers who have threatened to do harm during the international sporting event and two U.S. warships are nearby and ready to lend assistance.

With all of those very serious concerns, this is what has people talking today in regards to the upcoming Winter Olympics.

Either this is Vladimir Putin's idea of brotherly love, or they went over budget and couldn't afford the extra stalls and doors.

Here's the we listen to the news reports today, shouldn't we realize that we have more important concerns in regards to the upcoming Olympic games in Russia?

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