Be careful as you celebrate America today, we are under a heat advisory. The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory until 8 pm tonight. With temps reaching between 90 and 90, then the heat index on top of that you have to be careful if your 4th of July includes outdoor plans.

National Weather Service

Why is the map only yellow? If you go outside today it feels like the sun and humidity are slapping you in the face.

Make sure you drink lots of water today and cool off when you can. Also, make sure your pets stay cool if possible today. They can't tell you how hot they are.

National Weather Service

We do have a break from the heat on the way through, after July 5th it looks like it will cook back down to normal summer temps for a few days.

The good thing about the heat, even if it is extreme heat, is that we don't have to shovel it or scrape off our cars. Just be careful today as you celebrate our great country.