They've had a change of heart. Again.

Dollar Tree and Family Dollar have once again about the use of masks during  the coronavirus pandemic. Both chains of Dollar Tree Inc.

Back on July 8th, the company started requiring masks be worn by all customers, employees, and vendors.  On July 20th, the company changed their policy to be a "request" for customers when it came to wearing a face masks. That policy was in effect for those stores where state and local ordinances were not in effect.

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Now the company has had a change of heart and gone back to making their stores "no mask, no service" like most major retailers across the country. On the company coronavirus update page the statement read,"To best help protect one another, and in accordance with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we are requiring all Associates, customers and vendors to wear face coverings when inside our stores."

Dollar Tree and Family Dollar are joining the large group of major retailers making wearing a mask a requirement. Costco has required shoppers to don a face mask since May. In July, Best Buy, Kroger, and Walmart made it part of their guidelines. Once August rolled around Target, McDonald's, and Old Navy made it a nationwide requirement regardless of state order.

According to USA Today, as of MayDollar Tree Inc.operates 15,370 stores across 48 states and in Canada.


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