A dog from Illinois, who was visiting Northern Michigan with her family, had a pretty amazing adventure with a happy ending over the weekend. 

Rylee, a 10-month-old Belgian Malinois, was on a boat with her owners in Frankfort, Michigan. Their boat was having electrical problems, and by the time they called for help, they realized that Rylee was gone. They called in "Dog Overboard" over the radio. Several fishermen and boaters helped to look for the pup, with no luck.

One of the fisherman's wives is part of a social media group that posts about lost dogs in Michigan, so she posted about Rylee. Several people reported seeing a dog swimming, but when they went to look for her, she wasn't there. Finally, she was reported as being near a campground. After being out on her own for 24 hours, Rylee was returned safe.