Unfortunately, hunting accidents are a real danger but it's rare to hear of a dog that shoots his human companion.

Sonny Gilligan loves to take his three dogs, Charlie, Cowboy, and Scooby on hunting trips. The New Mexico resident often feeds the rabbits he shoots to the dogs as treats.

But things went haywire this time when Charlie got his paw stuck in the trigger of Sonny's gun which was behind the seat of his truck. The gun went off, the bullet went through the seat and into Gilligan's back.

Gilligan's son praised first responders who helped his father at the scene.

"He was done, he would've died. I can't say enough about the Sheriff's deputies, because without them my dad was dead," said Mark Gilligan.

According to KRQE, Gilligan was recently moved out of the intensive care unit and is recovering nicely.

His son says his father has forgiven Charlie.

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