The little boy was in the mountains with his summer camp when he became separated from his group.

Juan Heriberto Trevino was gathering wood with his scout group in Mexico's Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range when he slipped and fell into a ravine, hit a tree, and then fell even further into a dry riverbed. Luckily, though, he was not alone.

Max, a friendly dog who had been following the group, followed the boy all the way down the ravine and stayed with him under a tree. "I grabbed [Max] and put him on my legs to not be so cold and hugged the dog," he told Noticieros Televisa.

Max helped him to find water, and they even found a cabin, where they stayed for two days until rescue crews arrived. Officials said that the boy, while malnourished and exhausted, will be okay.


Man's best friend, right?!

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