Meet Thor and Loki, ladies and gentlemen.

The two-year-old Vizsla-Labs were rescued last year by the fine folks at the United States Coast Guard station in Marquette. They're now full-time residents at the station; their job description is to act as "mascots" and community liaisons in northern Michigan. They're also the face of the station's Safety Tip Tuesday on their Facebook page.

We’d like to introduce you to Thor and Loki, our Station puppers. Some of you all may have seen them before, but if not, here is their backstory. On June 18th of 2019, our station made the vote to adopt a puppy from the local animal shelter. Once we got to the shelter, we laid eyes on the twins, and what started out as a mission to find one puppy, ended with us returning with two. Sadly, the boys were days away from being put down, but that’s just part of their comeback story. Here they are a year later loving life with 20 loving crew members. They spend their days swimming, sleeping, playing and posing for pictures for our units Facebook page.

Aren't they the cutest little guys EVER? And we love the fact that they were ADOPTED. Together. The Coast Guard calls them the "twins." Not only that, but they were just a few days from being euthanized, which is a common, tale at overcrowded shelters.

AJ is going to the UP next week to do some hiking and I can guarantee she's gonna go search them out. Pictures to follow.

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