"The Terminator" franchise was launched 30 years ago in 1984. Long before rebuilding and re-sinking the "Titanic", Creator James Cameron took us to a world where humans are fighting a bloody war against Skynet. An American computer defense system created by a company called Cyberdyne Systems, Skynet became self-aware, thought of humans as a threat, and basically decided to wipe out the human race.

Don't worry, that could never happen. I mean, after all, a company called Cyberdyne that makes robots is just part of a far-fetched movie plot, right?  WRONG!! Cyberdyne does exist, and it does build robots! But thankfully, it doesn't work for the U.S. Government.

The real-life Cyberdyne was founded 10 years ago, in 2004, by Professor Yoshiyuki Sankai.  Five years after the company was founded, its creation came to life.  H.A.L., or Hybrid Assisted Limb, was released in 2009.  It's a powered human exoskeleton that augments movement, and increases human strength by a factor of 10.  By early 2013, Cyberdyne had 330 suites in use at 150 facilities in Japan, and a global safety certification allowing H.A.L. to go world-wide.

As far as the name, that's just a coincidence.  It comes from the academic field of "Cybernics" and the suffix "-dyne" meaning power.

So now that we know that robots built by Cyberdyne are actually a reality, how far-fetched does the idea of computers becoming self-aware and wanting to kill us all really seem?

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