We had our annual End Of Summer Blowout on Sunday, and I did everything I could to make it a success.  I even went to great lengths to control the mosquitoes, which have been unusually bad this year.

I used a propane powered fogger on all the trees and along the fence line, on top of mosquito control chemicals which I applied to my lawn with the garden hose attachment.  Add to that some citronella candles and Tiki torches.  I thought we would be good to go... I thought wrong.

We had an amazing turnout, in fact my front yard looked like a soccer mom car dealership.  Close to 100 friends and family members in attendance with their kids in tow, but that number plummeted around 6pm when the flying pests went from noticeable to completely intolerable.

A couple of my friends joined me on an emergency run to Meijer for bug spray.  Between us we ended up buying seven cans of 40% deet, and some backyard fogger.  After spraying down the rest of our guests, the party continued with s'mores around the bonfire. We saw more mosquitoes, but they just kind of hovered and didn't bite.  (On a side note, my friend Jeremy introduced us to the idea of making s'mores with peanut butter cups.  They're not for everyone, but definitely worth a try!)

Today the kids started school, but we had to wait for the bus inside the house because they were getting eaten alive!  With all the rain we've seen this summer, have you seem a dramatic increase in the mosquito population?


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