Innocent, everyday things like tweeting or posting on Facebook couldn't possibly let the governments follow you, could they?

As it turns out, the reality is that Homeland Security of the United States  may just be thinking about you.

The DHS began monitoring social networks early last year. In an effort to stay on top of breaking news, particularly things related to national security, they have significantly increased their scrutiny.

A Freedom of Information Act lawsuit lists of hundreds of keywords the DHS tracks on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook — and some of them may surprise you.

Here are 10 keywords that make the DHS nervous (for more, check out the full report):

  • Red Cross
  • United Nations
  • Attack
  • Recovery
  • Homeland security
  • Police
  • Threat
  • Toxic
  • Gas
  • Virus

Use any of those words in your tweets or Facebook and Uncle Sam just might be watching you.