The safety of the fans is a priority for the Detroit Tigers, and the organization has taken steps to protect fans from errant balls that may fly into the stands.

This year when you attend a game in Detroit, you may notice that protective netting has been installed around the perimeter of the field to protect fans from foul balls.

Major League Baseball got a wakeup call last September when a young girl was hit in the face by a foul ball while she was seated directly behind the third base dugout at Yankee Stadium.

Mike Healy, the VP of Park Operations for the Detroit Tigers tells WXYZ that they've installed about 600 linear feet of netting, which may be more than any other ballpark.

"We wanted the best for the fans, it's the thinnest netting you can get. It's tinted green so it blends in with the field a little bit, so when you're about five or six rows back, you can't even see the netting."


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