Stay classy, man. A man accused of yelling antisemitic comments near a Jewish Synagogue last week mooned a judge during a court hearing conducted via Zoom.

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Hassan Chokr was actually in court on Monday (12/5) on another matter when he turned around before the camera and exposed his backside to Wayne County Judge Regina Thomas. Chokr was appearing at an emergency bond hearing and had his bond revoked after the incident.

The Backstory - No Pun Intended

Chokr was charged with two counts of ethnic intimidation after making antisemitic and racist threats toward parents, their children, and security personnel at Temple Beth El Synagogue in Bloomfield Hills.

Detroit's WJBK-TV reports that Chokr posted videos and Instagram messages that spoke of buying guns and saying, 'Your Jew tactics will only backfire on you, you have no place on this earth, Jew (expletive) Jew mother (expletives). A storm is coming to wipe you all out of our lives."

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald had harsh words for Chokr, saying her office planned to prosecute him "to the fullest extent of the law," noting that Chokr's actions were classified as a hate crime.

Mooning the Judge

During his Zoom appearance on Monday, Chokr refused to acknowledge his name and became visibly agitated.

Judge Thomas narrated as Chokr's behavior escalated.

"I want the record to reflect that while the court has muted the defendant's microphone he appears to be yelling and pointing at the camera at the Oakland County Jail," Thomas said. "And now he has removed his pants to show the court his backside."

Thomas and the man's attorney agreed that Chokr would have to submit to a mental health examination.

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