Dealing with death is never easy.  I have lost way to many loved ones over the years.  From close family members, to incredibly wonderful friends.  But it wasn't until last weekend that I experienced death on a whole different level.  I lost my best friend, Bob Irish.  We met when I was working at a different radio station in Flint.  I won't say the station, but I will say that I went by the name "Just Bob" of "Just Bob & The Nite Time Party."

Bob started a year or so after I did, and I had already established my show.  He was not only a sales rep, but the best one that I have ever worked with in my 20 year career in radio.  He was the contact for Maxie's when it was still around.  He was so much fun, I actually started putting him on the air with me.  After a few weeks of hanging out during live broadcasts, I invited him to come up and sit in the studio during the show.  Before too long, we were best friends.  It had gotten to the point that people knew they were in for a good time when "Just Bob & Bob" walked into the room.

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Fenech Pictures

He was so brilliant, creative, and funny.  In fact, when he wanted to have a Superbowl party at Maxie's and I told him you can't say "Superbowl" on the air, he came up with the funniest commercial I have ever heard!

Sadly, my friend Bob collapsed on Christmas Day at 46-years-young.  He had adamantly told us that he never wanted to be on life support, but there he was... on a ventilator.  A machine was breathing for him.  After running several tests, there was the heartbreaking revelation that nothing could be done for him.  The decision was made to allow a few days for family and friends in Michigan to make their way to Missouri to say their goodbyes.  With a great amount of courage, his son, Bobby, pulled the plug, allowing his dad to be free.

It's never easy to say goodbye, especially when you have no advanced notice.  All we can do is hold on to the memories, and know that all of the wonderful things that person did with you and for you will be with you forever.

I am a better person for knowing Bob.  He made me and so many other people smile and laugh.  I cherish the time we had together, and my life is much richer and fuller because of him.  God speed, Bob Irish!  May you rest in peace.

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