Usually, political opposition comes from the other opponent and NOT a family member...

...unless you're Robert Regan, who is running for a seat in the Michigan State House. He has an ex-wife and two daughters who are being very vocal about their feelings for him.

Regan is running for a seat in the 73rd district, and not everybody is happy about it, including his daughter. She tweeted, "if you live in Michigan and 18+ pls for the love of god do not vote for my dad for state rep. tell everyone"

And she's not the only family member speaking out against him - his ex-wife, Julie Welch Horning, is dragging him through the mud for being a deadbeat dad.

I am heartbroken for my kids. I am posting ONE statement about our personal pain. I have spent years being silent about my kids’ dad in the name of protecting them. As a victim of abuse I realize that silence is permission to the abuser. Silence is permission for “Robert Regan” to continue to lie about his parenting and continue to gaslight his kids to further his political campaign. RJ has not financially supported his children in any way, he did not pay for college tuition/living expenses/weddings/court mandated health insurance, not one dime. He missed his daughter’s graduation due to the fact that he was in jail for drunk driving (and has no remorse). RJ has opposed therapy, been emotionally and verbally abusive and he owes people money. He told me in 2012: “I will hurt the kids to get your attention” Well he has my attention and I hope he has your attention as well- this isn’t a liberal/ conservative issue. This is a moral issue and a mental health issue. Is this the person you want making rules for you? I am asking him to please stop. Stop dragging the kids into this, stop with the abusive texts. Keep us all out of it.

Regan has spoken about his daughter's tweet, claiming that college has been "indoctrinated with things that are completely polar opposite from where you raised them."

That's some tough love, pal.

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