I love free stuff, and when I see freebies that are worth grabbing, I have to pass them along to you.

Dairy Queen is giving away free Blizzards right now. There's a catch, but it's a pretty small one. You just need to download DQ's app and sign up for an account. After you do that, they'll send you a digital coupon for a free small Blizzard.

The deal is good for one Blizzard per person, but there's nothing stopping everyone in your family from downloading the app and heading off to DQ for a free yummy treat. and Dairy Queen promises that having the app will mean you'll get the heads up on more promotions and offers on food and ice cream

It might not be a bad idea to call ahead to make sure your local DQ is honoring this promotion. From DQ's Twitter account:  Most DQ restaurants throughout the U.S. and Canada are individually owned and operated franchises, so special promotions or coupons are decided by the store management or owner.

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