You fell for it too. Just like I did. I don't know about you, but that was exactly what I needed when I saw the tease this morning.

Of course, the crocs that were spotted on the beautiful lake in Central Michigan refer to a couple of plastic clogs or barn shoes that should never be worn with socks, not crocodiles as we all had expected.

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Croc on Houghton Lake
Pietro Dominic Tacconelli via Facebook

What's so special about Houghton Lake?

Houghton Lake was my first 'home away from home' when I started adulting. The community holds fond memories for me, as I was a baby DJ getting my first apartment out from under my parents' roof.

It's is a majestic little community in Roscommon County, bordering Michigan's largest inland lake (also named Houghton Lake) It's about halfway between Gaylord and Clare, along US 127.

It's home to about 3,500 people and becomes a tourist hotspot each year as it hosts Tip Up Town USA, an annual ice fishing tournament and festival that attracts thousands of people to the sleepy little town each winter.

We actually prayed for sub-zero weather when I lived there in order to get a nice thick layer of ice.

Shoutout to a Grand Blanc Teacher

Thanks to Brad Gross, who is a Special Education Teacher in Grand Blanc for sharing the post.

The original post and pictures were shared on the Houghton Lake Community Facebook page by Pietro Dominic Tacconelli. It's gotten hundreds of likes and comments, some of whom note that they've ironically lost Crocs there in the past.


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