More than a decade after a Southwest Michigan woman was accused of burning her husband in a house fire, her case will be in the national TV spotlight.

In 2007, Linda Stermer was accused is setting a house fire that severely burned her husband of 14 years. Todd Stermer escaped the burning home but then was struck by a van driven by his wife. He suffered from blunt-force trauma and later died from his burn injuries.

Did Linda Stermer Kill Her Husband?

Linda Stermer served eight years in prison for the murder of her husband but was let out on appeal in December 2018, according to Mlive. A federal judge determined that her attorney had provided ineffective counsel by not using an arson expert during her original trial.

Prior to the 2007 fire, two homes in Michigan previously owned by Mr. Stermer were destroyed by fire. Linda Shermer's then-attorney Jeff Getting maintains that Mr. Shermer could just as easily have set their home on fire.

Prosecutors intend to retry Mrs. Stermer but a new trial date has not been set.

Feud on Fire

Discovery Channel's 'Crime Scene Confidential' takes a closer look at Stermer's case in its second season. The episode 'Feud on Fire' debuted Wednesday (9/27).

Alina Burroughs is the show's host and a former crime scene investigator. She tells Mlive that the show typically looks to investigate cases that have had controversial outcomes and a significant amount of forensic evidence.

In addition to the forensic evidence, Burroughs interviewed Stermer and the couple's children. Their two sons believe their mother is guilty of killing their father while their sister believes she is innocent.


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