A rundown home purchased from the Detroit Land Bank Authority for a mere $6,500 in 2019 has been transformed into an absolutely beautiful home that just sold for $410,000.

Kyle Dubay and his partner Bo Shepherd rehabbed the house on Philadelphia Street in Detroit, turning it into a showplace. The couple owns Woodward Throwback, a furniture and home goods store that specializes in reclaimed materials in Detroit.

Rescued From the Wrecking Ball

Dubay purchased the home from the Detroit Land Bank Authority after learning that a neighbor had planned to purchase and demolish it.

Dubay and Shephard decided that the home wasn't as decrepit as many homes slated for demolition in the Detroit area. They decided to completely renovate the property using mostly materials that have some significant historical value.

Salvaged Materials and More

According to Business Insider, the home's kitchen cabinets and refrigerator panes were built from oak that had been salvaged from church pews around the city of Detroit.

The home's countertops were crafted from old science lab counters that a nearby college discarded.

The couple poured approximately $300,000 into restoring the house and getting it ready for sale.

Earlier this month, the three-story, three-bedroom home sold for a whopping $410,000, according to the Zillow listing.

Pictures, pictures, and More Pictures

Take a look at the pictures of the fully-renovated home in the gallery below.

You can take a look at this website to see some of the 'before' pictures Dubay took before the restoration process began.

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