This young man is nothing short of a hero!

Xavier Staubs, a varsity swimmer from Corunna, had just wrapped up swimming in the medley relay during a meet last Thursday when he noticed people yelling and pointing down at the pool. Staubs looked down and saw a fellow swimmer, limp at the bottom of the pool.

Staubs, along with another swimmer who is a certified lifeguard, jumped back into the pool to bring their opponent, Kamrin Samson, back to the surface. His parents, who say that this was his first season on the team, suspect that he may have had problems regulating his breathing. He's home after being treated at the hospital.

The schools are big-time rivals, even though they're only a few miles away from each other, but that meant nothing to Xavier, who said that he never even considered that when jumping back into the pool to save Samson.

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