Bored waiting for your flight a Detroit Metro Airport? Why not spend some time with Marilyn Monroe?

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Delta Hotels by Marriott, at the Detroit Airport in Romulus, is going full old Hollywood with the debut of the Marilyn’s Lounge. Located in the space of the old Presidential Suite, the new lounge will pay homage to the blonde bombshell herself with a cool 50' & 60's vibe.

The Marilyn Menu

The perfect spot for a layover, Marilyn's Lounge will serve cocktails and food with menu items named for the Hollywood star. You can enjoy Marilyn’s favorite cocktail: a glass of Champagne with a splash of apple brandy and Grenadine with two cherries, or sip on drinks like  Some Like It Hot, The Bomb, Desire, and the Perfect Kiss Martini. The menu will also feature dining options such as the signature Norma Jeane Salad, appetizers, burgers, and more.

Decorated with iconic photos of Marilyn, the cafe will also offer up entertainment inspired by the era of the 1950s and 1960s.

“Marilyn Monroe is one of the most alluring Hollywood stars of all time and the most iconic sex symbols of our time,” says Laparise Elerson, director of sales and marketing of the hotel. “We feel this lounge and the suite will honor that and we look forward to our guests experiencing it at the Delta Hotel.”


Ladies & Gentlemen...Miss Marilyn Monroe

You truly can't honor Marilyn without the legend herself can you?  A Marilyn impersonator, meticulously portrayed by Michigan native Julie Bannerton, will appear at  the lounge during happy hour on Friday's which kick off 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.  Complete with signature  red lipstick and a 1950s era dress. "Marilyn" will be snapping pictures with guests.

Feel like hanging with the vixen, check it out! The hotel and lounge is located at 31500 Wick Road in Romulus.

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