You don't have to agree on everything to show empathy for another human being.

AJ says that I have a man-crush on Pete Davidson from Saturday Night Live. Okay, maybe that's true - I think he's a brilliant guy (he was a standup comic before he even graduated high school) who has a lot of mental problems...but he owns them.

He's very open about the fact that his dad, who was a New York firefighter, died on 9/11 when Pete was just 7-years-old. He also has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and recently went through a very public breakup with his fiance, Ariana Grande.

He posted a cryptic note on Instagram on Saturday saying that he didn't "want to be on this earth anymore."

Screenshot via Pete Davidson/instagram
Screenshot via Pete Davidson/instagram

Back in November, Pete made a joke on SNL about Lt. Commander Dan Crenshaw's eye patch after he was elected to Congress. Amazingly, Crenshaw came on SNL the next weekend to roast Davidson.

The two have barely known each other for a month, but after the NYPD did a wellness check on Pete, Lt. Crenshaw called him to offer him an ear.

Let's be honest - these two didn't have to speak again. Ever. Pete made a joke, Dan roasted him, case closed. Instead, Dan called him during a tough time and offered up a nice helping of empathy.

You don't have to agree on all the issues to be a nice human being, and Lt. Crenshaw has proved that ten-fold. We salute you, sir. And send our love to Pete - mental illness is a daily struggle for a lot of us, myself included, and you are NOT alone.

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