David Letterman welcomed Conan O'Brien as a 'Late Show' guest Friday, and the topic of discussion was Jay Leno, and the whole 'Tonight Show' brouhaha that occurred in 2010.

Two of my favorite TV personalities, bashing one of my least favorite. #Win!

The two didn't waste any time, jumping into the Leno topic. “I think the longer we just sit here, the more uncomfortable it will make Jay,” Letterman said after a pregnant pause when O'Brien sat down.

When asked about the move to TBS, Conan said, “I feel terrific, I really do…I’m very lucky to get to go on television and to get to do my thing my way, and TBS lets me do whatever I want. They don’t watch it, they don’t care. Checks come in…and I have a great time. We took all of our people with us, so everybody is happy, so I’m thrilled. It worked out. I’m a lucky person.”

Here are a few clips from Thursday night's show.