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Goodbye, Jay!
And lo, the tenure of 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' has come to an end once again, leaving Jay to walk off into that darling sunset with Jimmy Fallon waiting in the wings and a bitter Conan O'Brien making the only jokes. Jay's first-ever guest Billy Crystal joined the late-night host last night t…
David Letterman Wants to Be Pals With Jay Leno Again
David Letterman has been Tweeting lately. He doesn’t really get hashtags or DMs yet, but he is saying some funny things to the other late night hosts. On Tuesday he said something that might shock fans of late night TV.
He wants to end his years-long feud with Jay Leno.
Charlie Sheen Sobers Up [VIDEO]
It seems that Charlie Sheen now sees the error of his ways.  In fact, during an interview on Leno, Sheen says that he now realizes that he went just a bit to far.  He even went as far as to say that he wasn't 'winning,' but losing.
Sheen was a presenter at the 63rd Prime Time Emmy's last night and wi…
Emmy Hearts Conan, No Love for Leno
Conan O'Brien four, Jay Leno Zero. O'Brien, whose late night variety has only been on TBS since November, scored four Emmy award nominations, including outstanding variety, music or comedy series, as well as nominations for best writing and lighting. Rival Jay Leno, who knocked Conan out a…