Barbara Walters has her special tomorrow night on the most fascinating people of 2010, but she should have covered the meltdowns and scandals of 2010 because that would have been so much better. Let's start with Randy and Evi Quaid who have had a ton of problems this year.  They faced burglary and fraud charges and also got arrested in Canada.  They have also claimed that people in Hollywood are trying to kill them.  Of course we can't forget about Mel Gibson with his breakdown threats and disturbing phone calls to his ex.  Charlie Sheen is another one who would probably be on the list every year because of his behavior.  Hotel, drinking and cheating scandals come to mind when I think of Charlie.

Lindsay Lohan is another one that would make the list with her recent arrests and rehab stints.  To round off the list, let's add Ashton Kutcher cheating rumors and Courtney Cox and David Arquette splitting up.  These stories aren't really a surprise but they make the list a little more interesting.  Hopefully the scandals next year will be even better.

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