ashton kutcher

Money Changes Everything
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher split up last November, shortly after his penis tripped and fell into another woman. So why haven't either of them filed for divorce yet?
Turns out it's all about the benjamins.
Ashton Kutcher In Brown Face Angers Some [VIDEO]
I think the video is kind of funny not offensive. In a new ad campaign for Popchips, the actor stars as four eclectic characters seeking romance on a fictitious dating site. He also plays himself, a 34-year-old man looking to find Mrs. Right. Ashton is accused of being racist.
See for yourself.
Charlie Sheen Aplogizes To Ashton Kutcher
Last week, Charlie Sheen said Ashton Kutcher was terrible on "Two and a Half Men" and went off on a tangent about Warner Brothers. Now Charlie is apologizing to Ashton by saying he's sorry for being disrespectful for a guy who's doing his best. So, is that really an apolo…

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