The drama came down at a Saginaw party store.

This story is really about a store clerk who refused to become a victim. In the video two men wearing hoodies burst into Bill's Party Store on Mackinaw Street in Saginaw. One of the men appeared to have the gun pointed at the back of the clerk's head.

In the video you'll see the store clerk turn around and challenge on of the robbers. As a matter of fact the one he challenged is the one who is holding a gun to his head. MY GOD MAN....what were you thinking. I get the hero thing but confronting a crazy ass robber with a could have been killed. I would have given him the money.

The store clerk managed to fight both men off and even tried to chase down the robbers when they fled from the store. One is in custody and the other is still on the run. Watch the clerk in the videos.

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